Getting Personal with Bella Bazooka (part 1)

I was  fortunate enough to catch up with the beautiful Bella Bazooka (Paducah, Kentucky’s one and only pagan sex goddess) and have a little chat with her about her life and the crazy world of Bazooka Magazine.

David: Hey Bella! You are lighting a fire under the pants of Paducah, Kentucky with your Bazooka Magazine. We’ve known each other for some time now. In fact we had Art classes together. I was fortunate enough to sketch some pictures of you when you modeled for the class. Not wearing much as I recall. You’ve been a very upfront person. What prompted you to start your own magazine?

Bella: Well I had been really depressed for a while after my second child was born, and just didn’t feel like I was doing anything with my life. And I wasn’t, I was waiting for something to happen. Well, instead, I made it happen.

David: How did you find your voice as Bella Bazooka?

Bella: Bella is me. I’m a Gemini and have about 8 different women inside of me, the slut, the mother, the goddess, the geek, the homebody, the playful kid side – all that wrapped up makes me… just me! I just use the name Bella to shield myself a bit from psychos.

David: I read in your magazine that you hope to go nation wide. Will you keep the Paducah Area upfront in the magazine?

Bella: I don’t know where this is going to lead. Obviously I feel like Paducah needs this desperately, and I would never abandon my home town even if I ended up moving on. I would pass it down to the hands of the new generation. But I would be totally stoked to just run my empire from here. That’s where all my friends and family are.

David: What’s your biggest goal with writing Bazooka Magazine?

Bella: Get my writing out there to be noticed by a big publishing house so I can get a book deal. lol Well, that’s not the only thing. I could be doing that without the paper. I love that I can offer something different to the cool people in Paducah, that they’ve desperately been needing, and I can give them information in an entertaining way. There is some very smart stuff in Bazooka, but we also talk about boobs and balls a lot, too.

David: Any advice for those wanting to start their own business and finding their voice?

Bella: You just have to jump in feet first. It’s amazing what you can make happen just by trying. Yes, it takes a lot of heart, and you have to get used to being pissed on and rejection, but if you have that little spark in you that just refuses to give up – you’ll make it alright.

David: Last but not least, what is your favorite Comic book/strip?

Bella: Bloom County is one of my faves of all time, lol (editors note: mine too). I am Bill The Cat! I’m sure I would love the graphic novel type stuff – I loved the Sin City movie for example, I just don’t have the time! lol But I read a ton of detective novels. 🙂

Thank you Bella! You are amazing and have lots of guts! And I’m glad to have placed the first Ad for my comic in your magazine!

copyright David Hurley 2010

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