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Happy Halloween from Flowerville!

It’s Halloween time again, one of my favorite holidays. It’s the time of year you can dress up as crazy as you want without getting ridiculed, have a gorgefest on candy, get scared to death at Haunted Houses and go … Continue reading

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Joe Watson Reviews Parasite Diet

 Parasite Diet: Harmless . . . but fun  I’m going to clear the air right from the start on this one: This album contains 3 truly remarkable tracks full of fantastic drumming that give the music an exploding heart and … Continue reading

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This week I decided to post two comics. The first was on Monday, October 11, 2010 and one today. A new character Danny is showing up in Flowerville. Danny is a character I created a number of years ago. Danny is loosely based … Continue reading

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Craig Felker: Heart of a Saint

 Hearts of Saints have been touring across the United States from New York to Texas. They’ve been getting great press in England and Europe and selling albums all over the world. Not bad for their first album and for a … Continue reading

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