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Ronald AG Grant is the creator of a very unique comic strip based on the life of a loaf of bread named “Benjamin Breadman”. Ronald, also known as “RAGG” is a self taught cartoonist with a genuine sense of humor. His main goal is to create a comic strip he’s never seen before with integrity. I want to introduce to you a man who wants to make a loaf of bread the funniest comic strip you have ever seen. 


David: Hello Ronald, it’s a pleasure to be featuring you and your comic “Benjamin Breadman”. How did the idea for “Benjamin Breadman” come about?

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Ronald: At the time I was looking to create a new strip. I’ve created a strip of a dog with super powers. I didn’t have any peace about it. Then I created a dog and cat strip. Not original to me. Then I created another strip about a little boy with super powers but I just didn’t feel that it was original enough. I just didn’t want to do anything that was already out there. Originality is important to me. Well, the idea for BB was inspired by a little book title called “Our daily bread.” I’ve always enjoyed the designs of these amazing books of encouragement. One day, I stared at the book cover and I heard a voice inside me say “why don’t you do something about bread.” I thought to myself, “bread”?! I thought, Wow. Nobody has ever done a comic strip or panel, featuring “bread”! That I have never seen. So I got out my pad and pencil and began sketching. Two, three drawings, I started to chuckle. And Benjamin Breadman was born. I thought to myself, I’ve got something here and began to thank God. I was pumping out two weeks of strips a day. And the rest is history.

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David: Tell me more about how you got started into comics and when did you decide this was the direction you wanted to take with your life?

Ronald: I’ve discovered my art talent in third grade. My brothers and I would get up early Saturday morning and watch cartoons. And when the shows were over, we got the ol’ notebook paper and drew our own comics of super beings and cartoons. As we collected comic books and studied them. I remembered I used to collected, my granddad’s news paper funnies and drew them. And I got the biggest praise from my grandmother and have been drawing ever since.

David: What is the creative process you go through to come up with your comic and what are the artist tools you use when creating your work?

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Ronald: The process…hmmm, well, I see the characters in my head, animated as if it’s already a cartoon show and I know each of the characters personality. So honestly, they help me with the process. And all I do is take the funny image and I quickly draw out.

My tools of the trades are: # 1 Series 7 Winsor-Newton sable brush, kuretake brush pens, and Radiograph Koh-I-Noor pens. And what I use to draw on is Strathmore Bristol broads, 400 or 500 Series acid free.

David: Who are some of your favorite cartoonist and have inspired you in your own art?

Ronald: Let see: Charles M. Schulz (Peanuts), Geo Gately (Heathcliff the cat), Russell Myers (Broom Hilda), Jonny Heart (BC), Dean Young (Blondie), Bill Watterson (Calvin & Hobbs), Bil Keane (Family Circle), Jim Unger (Herman), Jim Davis (Garfield), Kirkman & Scott (Baby Blues), Mark Tatulli (Lio), and Jeff Smith (Bone). Plus, Warner Bros, Artists Cartoons, Hanna Barbera, Peyo (Smurfs).

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David: What is the greatest legacy you feel you could leave behind with your work?

Ronald: To let folks know that my gifts are from God with a big “G”. Because, I have never had a lesson in my life, I want to show that I have fun with my work. And to show my cartoon characters have life, integrity, attitude and expression. Also that it made us all feel good and smile.

David: Ronald your comic has put a smile on my face. I can’t wait to see more of Benjamin Breadman and your fun characters. I wish you the best as you continue on making comics.

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