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It’s the craziest time of the year, Christmas. It’s suppose to be a fun and joyous season, but it seems everyone is over worked, stressed out and buying gifts to let everyone know they care. Honestly I haven’t put up a tree (yet), or bought a gift. I think it might be smarter to give gifts throughout the year and keep a star on a cactus in my living room all year long. So in light of all this, I’m posting snidbits of things here instead of a “formal” blog.

With that in mind, last week I introduced Roger and Harvey. Roger has a best friend named Harvey who is invisible. And Grandma Lucy, who doesn’t believe in Harvey, is becoming a bit confused herself and beginning to believe Harvey has a crush on her. Makes you wonder who is crazier. Roger is not so much a loner with an imaginary friend, as he accepts and sees thing in a broader sense.

And with that I am leaving you with some old one panel comics I did some years ago. These are some “sketches” I did, and you see the beginning phases of Cosmo, Henry, and James. And by the way I do love Christmas, gifts, and trees hanging with ornaments! Here’s hoping you have a great holiday (whatever you do or do not celebrate) season, and here’s to no stress.

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