Fan Art: Mark Stokes and Justin Hillgrove


Duck and Gorr by Mark Stokes
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Last night I was pleasantly surprised to receive fan art in my inbox from one of my favorite Cartoonists Mark Stokes of Zombie Boy Comics. Mark drew my character Duck with his humorous character Gorr, Zombie Boys dog and sidekick. I will be receiving the original in the mail soon, so check social networks in the future for a snapshot, which will be framed as soon as I get it. Check out Mark Stokes and Zombie Boy at


Duck by Justin Hillgrove

Duck by Justin Hillgrove
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While I am at it, some time ago I received another drawing from Justin Hillgrove of Imps and Monsters, which I have never posted here at Don’t Pick the Flowers. Justin is another favorite artist of mine and he drew my character Duck. Justin is a fantastic Artist and you can find more of Justin’s brilliant art at


I really cherish these drawings, and if you would be interested in sharing your fan art here at Don’t Pick the Flowers message me at


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