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#3It has been a while since I last posted a blog, due to updating Don’t Pick the Flowers website and making changes with my characters. I believe everything is coming together and I wanted to let you know what has been going on behind the scenes over the last few months.

To start with, this very month of August marks 3 years since I started publishing comics on-line at Don’t Pick the Flowers. There have been many changes, mistakes and growth along the way; lets call it a learning experience. Now I have come full circle with the main characters, Suzanne, Vincent and Duck. They are the core group of characters that have been there from the start. There was a period I added too many characters and went off on paths with little direction, trying to find my way. I have heard the first year of making comics is the hardest trying to figure out how and what to do, and with me, well maybe even a little longer. But to give you a little insight, back in February of this year I#6 went to “Success in the World of Comics” Seminar and was fortunate to have my portfolio reviewed by Amy Lago of The Washington Post Writers Group. I am grateful to her as she helped me refocus and start anew with the original characters, plus I cannot thank Donna A Lewis of Reply All Comic for sage advice in the refocusing.

With that in mind, I have removed the comics and characters that were out of place. That is a lot of work and comics, 2 ½ years not shown, but a few I did keep that are in the spirit of the comic. Again, I will say it has been a learning experience and possibly one day those comics will emerge again in a book, digital download or whatever technology gives us. I want Don’t Pick the Flowers to have a fresh, clean and focused direction and with the website in good working order, from comics to design, and I am happy with what is taking place.

#24I am still making a few adjustments on the website and as always growing as I update the comics on a regular basis. I truly appreciate all those who have come along for the journey thus far. Believe me there has been blood, sweet and tears with joy and contentment as I do the thing I love to do, making comics. I do hope to welcome new readers and keep the ones who love my little world of characters. Here is to the future as I continue to learn and grow with my characters, and I hope to bring a smile to your face as I do just that.

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