Keith Brown: And The Wages of Sin Comic

I had the privilege of featuring my friend Keith Brown back in March of this past year at “Don’t Pick the Flowers”. I’ve been keeping up with his comic “The Wages of Sin” and hard work as he plugs away at developing his craft. You are in for a real treat if you aren’t familiar with his work. Keith is a down to earth and genuine guy who strives to make a fun and enjoyable comic.  If you aren’t familiar with Keith Brown and his work you are in for a real treat as I ask Keith some questions about the future plans of “The Wages of Sin”.

David: Hello Keith, what a pleasure to be featuring you at “Don’t Pick the Flowers”, again! You were featured this past March, what’s been going on since we lasted talked?

Keith: Hi David, once again it is my pleasure and I feel very fortunate to be featured along side all of the other awesome cartoonists that you have on this very cool site. I’ve just been pluggin’ away trying to become a better cartoonist.

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David: One of the things you’ve really worked on is the “Wages of Sin” comic. How do you feel the comic has strengthened?

Keith: At his point I’m only about 100 strips in but I am finally starting to feel the characters come into their own and it’s much easier to draw them a little faster with some continuity. The characters are the The Devil, his right hand demon Jinx, a talking snake, skull, spider and potentially toxic spill thus far. Whether or not the spill is toxic remains to be seen. I just introduced a lawyer who is basically just a shark fin. Yes, its hack lawyer jokes but they are kind of like comfort food.

When I started this I decided not to do any specific or pre-conceived character bios. They are what they are and I think folks get that and the readers are able to development their own personality and inner voice for the characters themselves.  Part of my entire concept was to have the ability to introduce any number of silly characters, bring them in and out of any number of scenarios and because of the setting there would be no need for any back story or continuity.

David: What are your present goals with “Wages of Sin” and what can we expect to see in the future?

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Keith: Well, like all of us I had dreams of syndication even considering the state of newspapers today. I think that will level out at some point but people still want to be entertained so folks like us will always be needed to provide content. Getting paid for it is another thing all together. That being said I am going to create my own stand alone website and offer signed prints and other goodies. I will follow the path of all the web toonists before me. I have had positive feedback from the syndicates but no one thinks anyone will buy it because of the subject matter. I thought we were past all that in 2012 but I was obviously mistaken. I am running in several publications, Cape Cod Funnies and the Santa Fe Good News online magazine and no one have burst into flames… least no yet.

At this point I am so invested in this concept that I have nothing else floating around in my head right now so I guess I’ll just keep dancing with the devil until something else comes along. Don’t tell him I said that though.

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David:  How did the idea for your comic come about?

Keith: I’m not really sure but I just seemed like it was the one thing nobody was doing as far as I could tell. Now I know why…lol.  Unfortunately in the eyes of the syndicate the one thing that makes it unique also seems to be working against me. Ahh…the cartoonists lament.

David: What is your favorite thing about being a cartoonist?

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Keith: The feedback from people who like your work is the greatest reward. I enjoy making folks chuckle. I have met so many wonderful and supportive cartoonists on Facebook, just like you David, and I appreciate them all.

David: Thank you Keith for being featured again, I’m thrilled to feature you and “The Wages of Sin”. I continually wish you the best and look forward to all that you have in store for us in the future!

Go check out Keith Brown and his comic “The Wages of Sin” and give him a “like” on Facebook as he continues to make us laugh and as we see what he has in store for the future!

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