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I’m 14 years old and just starting high school.  Of course it sucks, but I have some great friends who get me through. Sometimes (ok, a lot of the time) they get me into trouble, but they’re always there to help me get out of it again.

 I live in a little town called Flowerville, a little known suburb of Paducah.

 Me and my best friend “duck” (a ‘domesticated’ Pekin I’ve raised since he was an egg) LOVE to take pictures.  I keep a spycam in his pilot hat and let him wander around town to try to capture the candid, secret side of Flowerville.  Most of our neighbors call it “invasion of privacy” or “criminal”, but we call it Art.

 When it comes to music, I’m a slave to the groove! Gotta love anything Sinatra did during the capitol years, Dick Dale and the Del-Tones, and the Legendary Pink Dots. But, to be perfectly honest, nothing swings mah groove strings like shaking my booty to some DURAN DURAN!

 My first appearance was in Bazooka Magazine. Love that woman!!!

 I can’t wait for Pee Wee Herman to have a come back!

 My favorite quote is, “that ain’t never no good”.  Yeah, whatever!

And there’s a nice blog about me and “Don’t Pick The Flowers” on ilistpaducah, have a look:

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