The Dear Family

Peeping out from the bushes; antlers, cap, eyes, face…its Mr. Dear. Coming up behind is Ms. Dear and Baby Dear, a family not so different from any other except for antlers. Mr. Dear, a Park Ranger, Ms. Dear a stay at home mom who hands out literature on Evolution and wrapped in her arms is Baby Dear.

I can’t explain how I created the Dear Family, other than one night I was sketching and I knew I wanted them in my comic. I knew who they were and what kind of characters I wanted them to be. I fell in love with them. I love the irony of Mr. Dear being a Park/Wildlife Ranger, Ms. Dear handing out pamphlets on Evolution. I’m not trying to offend any Religious group or make a statement. I love the humor of it. So now out of the bushes the Dear Family has moved into town. Here they’ll make their home among Flowerville’s finest.

© David Hurley 2010

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