Keith Brown: And…”Just Another Day in Hell”

Keith Brown creator of “The Wages of Sin” comic is breaking new virtual ground. I first meet Keith about a year ago and he was just beginning to develop his humorous comic about the Devil and life in hell. Since that time he has not only developed his characters, his comic is reaching new followers across the internet, plus he has a new book called “…Just Another Day in Hell” which collects over 100 of his comics. Today at Don’t Pick the Flowers I’m happy to welcome back Keith Brown and The Wages of Sin.

David: Hi Keith, so good to have you back at Don’t Pick the Flowers. So I’m beginning to see your comic in lots of places which is very exciting. One specific spot is Hound Comics, how did become involved with them and can you share a little about their network of comics?

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Keith:  I was approached by Hound Comics at the first of October. Hound Comics signature series is “Brimstone and the BorderHound” The classic good versus evil confrontation where Brimstone and The Border Hounds fight the forces of Evil in Hell to keep them from surface here on earth. Brim saw my comic on Facebook, he liked it as it fit in with their whole theme, albeit the lighter, goofier side. Hound Comics is chock full of extremely talented comic book artist and I am proud to be associated with them. Folks can check them out at

David: You have a new book “…Just another day in Hell” which collects over 100 of your comics. I really enjoyed going through your comics and notes and seeing how your work has evolved. What have you included in the book and how big of an undertaking was this for you?

Keith: When I signed with hound, fortunately I had enough material for a first book. The first thing I did was complete the book so that we could have a product to sell one they launched the strip on their site. The book is called “The Wages of Sin!” Volume 1, Genesis, the birth of a comic strip.

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The book follows the complete evolution of the strip, from the editorial cartoon that inspired the idea, to the first 10 concept strips I did for a contest at the Cartoonists Studio. Then it moves into the very first 110 strips with running commentary throughout. Readers can watch as the character design, writing and overall drawing style has developed into what the strip has become today. The book is about 50 pages, printed in full color on very high quality paper. It was a hoot watching it all come together.

David: I was listening to an interview with you and one of the things you mentioned was the subject of featuring the devil as your main character and of course the setting is Hell. For anyone who doesn’t know about your comic can you share a little more about the idea behind the comic and has it caused any problems?

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Keith: I knew full well going in there might be religious implications but that was never my intention. Most times the Devil is the butt of the jokes. I haven’t had any negative feed back and in the beginning of the book I offer a message to people of faith. The idea was originally inspired by an editorial I did, I hadn’t seen the concept done in strip form.

David: In your book you discuss how you create your characters, how do you feel you and your characters have grown through the experience of just creating comics on a daily basis?

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Keith:  I do create most everyday but it probably averages out to every other day. The characters are easier to draw semi-consistently and I have begun to think in terms of the characters as I hear them in my head.

David: The Wages of Sin is gaining lots of new ground, what’s next for Keith Brown? 

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Keith: I will keep producing Wages for now, but I have a couple of children’s stories that Hound may be interested in. They are holiday based so if we do them I will be very busy with those until early summer.

Thank you David, as always I appreciate your time and all of your help.

If folks want to but a book they can go to   They can visit my site for info on all places to buy printed and digital versions. They are always welcome at my facebook page.

David: It’s a pleasure to feature you and “The Wages of Sin” Keith. I love how your comic has developed and how far you’ve come. And I love the book, it’s great to have them collected together.

And for the fans and all those who want to know more about Keith Brown and The Wages of Sin, click on the links below to find out more.

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