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I am a HUGE fan of Queenie Pocket Full of Posiez! When I first became aware of Queenie, I had to know who she was. I wanted to know who was behind the fantastic Pocket full of Posiez creations!  I fell in love with her Art, Dolls, and U-stream show. And once you’ve seen her work, you will realize that she is REAL! She is honest and transparent and doesn’t put on any false persona. What a privilege it is to present an Artist, woman, and someone I call a friend! And if you think I’m putting her on a pedestal, I am!

Queenie Pocket Full of Posiez is the creator of Pocket Full of Posiez® and has been a staple on the LA spooky art scene for a number of years. You can find her most famous creations, the deadly cute Pocket Full of Posiez characters, in various merchandise stores from Hot Topic to many other eclectic stores worldwide such as Halloween Town in Burbank CA.


David: Queenie, I am a huge fan of your Artwork. You are the creator of Pocket Full of Posiez, can you tell me how you got started as an Artist?

Queenie: Thanks David! 😀  I suppose as with any artist, it all started as a tiny young one. As far back I can remember, being “creative” with anything and everything I could get my hands on was what I wanted to do. It didn’t look right unless I changed it in some way. When I was younger, I didn’t have the confidence to call myself an “artist”. I thought you only got that title if you actually sold something lol. I didn’t go to art school and I didn’t hang around other artists, so I just didn’t know how it worked. All I know is I wanted to create my own things. I made my own clothes in school, did things always my own way, and the whole time I didn’t realize that I was being an “artist”. 

David: I love the Characters you paint. What inspires you to create them?

Queenie: It’s a simple answer. I just paint what looks good to me in my head. I love vibrant colors and that really inspires me. I try not to look at other artists work. That may seem to sound like I’m being selfish in a way, but it really is self preservation for me. I used to compare myself to other people all the time and it did nothing but stop me from creating. I had to force myself to focus on my own little art world only to keep it fresh and original. The last thing I ever want is to have artwork that looks like another artist. There’s a fine line between influence and soaking in too much information from other artists. It tends to seep out into your own and it’s harder to be an individual.

David: Do you have a favorite painting/character, or one that’s close to your heart?

I love the Robot Lyllionia so much but I think that I really love the Pirate Lyllionia with the crow on her head. Lyllionia was my first doll and will always be my favorite. (editors note: I love Robot Lyllionia too!)

 David: How would you like your work to be known or remembered?

Queenie:”If” my work is remembered, I’d like it to have made someone smile, or chuckle.  

 David: Here’s a fun one; do you have a favorite cartoon or comic strip?

Queenie: I used to come straight home from school and read the comics! My favorite of all time was a little comic called The Quigmans. That was SO funny! I still have one of the squares I cut out from the paper 20 years ago hanging on my fridge. Its 2 boys playing jump rope with a flame. The mom is leaning out the window and she’s saying “I thought I told you boys not to play with fire” LOL that cracked me up and it still does every time I look at it

David: And one last question, what are your future goals with Pocket Full Of Posiez?

Queenie: The future is open to whatever happens. I will continue to paint when I can. As for merchandise, I want to be able to continue my line of dolls, make some more books, and so much more. The dolls are the most important to me and have been my dream since the beginning. There was a major set back after Panzy the Pirate was produced, but I’m not giving up and I am MORE than grateful that the fans haven’t given up. Trust me, I am a people pleasers and it’s really hard to promise them a new doll and it have to take this long to produce. Things happen in life that you can’t predict and I’m glad that everyone understands. 

Thank you so much for showing your work to us!

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