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Ron English is considered one of the fathers of modern street art. He coined the term Popaganda to describe his mash-up of cultural high and low touchstones. He is one of the most prolific and recognized Artist of our times. I have been a fan of his work for a number of years now. He is a master of his technique. His work is stunning and beautiful. I was very fortunate to have Ron answer some questions for me. I am proud to present Ron English in this week’s blog!

David: You are considered one of the fathers of Street Art. How did you start “liberating” billboards?

Ron: My uncle gave me a ladder for my high school graduation. Besides some paint, that’s all you really need.

David: I have many personal favorites you’ve done; I’d like to ask you about. So I’ll pick one, where did the idea of “Rabbbit” come from?

Ron: I have had this recurring dream for as long as I can remember. In the dream I go to this island where everyone has the double faced thing. I am the freak there. That is where the double faced obsession I have originated.

Ronnnie the Rabbbit is the pet of Orion the Obese Alien in the secret history of Fast Fat Food. All the characters have interlocking back stories, it’s like this alternative universe that’s almost like the real one but a little off, too real to be true.

David: I consider you one of my favorite Artists. You take cultural icons and make it into something new. How do you think your work will be remembered in future society?

Ron: Who knows. One of my parodies may replace the original in the cultural consciousness.

David: I’m always curious about what inspires other Artists work. What inspires you to create, and do you have a favorite you’ve done?

Ron: I am afraid if I kept all my ideas in my head I would go crazy. I also enjoy the process.

David: I’m not going to get you in trouble here, and this is hypothetical. If you could paint on one thing, let’s say Mount Rushmore. What or where would that be?

Ron: You mean like painting Kiss make up on the figures of Mount Rushmore? I would really like to paint a blimp to look like a realistic human eye. I would also like to paint a train to look like a coral snake. There is a bunch of stuff like that I would like to do. I need to get some people in my life that know how to raise money.

David: Okay last question, because I love asking this one. Do you have a favorite cartoon or comic strip?

Ron: I like Charlie Brown. I feel like I’m an adult version of him.

Thank you Ron for taking the time to answer a few questions! You are an amazing artist! And what a privilege to feature you here.

Ron English website can be found here for all the information you need:

I wanted to do a comic involving something about Ron English. This is my little “ode” to him.

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