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I usually like to showcase other people and their work on “Don’t Pick the Flowers” blog, and next week there will be another amazing cartoonist to avail your eyes to. But until then I wanted to post a few things going on.

To start with, I’ve been commissioned to illustrate a children’s book. This is a major undertaking for me since I try and update “Don’t Pick the Flowers” about 4 times a week, and of course as most webcartoonists I do have a paying job to take care of the bills. Since “Don’t Pick the Flowers” is a labor of love I may only be updating the site 2-3 times a week…we’ll see how this goes. I’d love to keep posting 4 times a week even more if that was possible. But all of my time is totally spent and this isn’t a complaint, just a reality. So please keep your eyes open for updates on the comic because nothing is “set in stone”.

With that being said, I may be taking a small turn with my web comic. Not totally sure how this will pan out, but while writing “gags” is fun (and I’ll probably half way stay in this mode) I may do more of a continuing story and delve a little deeper into the characters story lines. Don’t quote me on this as I do the comic week to week. I just feel there is more wanting to come out in the comic. And with time restrictions it’s hard to dive into these areas. I know some cartoonists would argue with me on that but having a day job and where I once had a plethora of comics (and employers not realizing your dreams) it becomes hard to really bring the story to life and have extra comics. I don’t want to run off my small readership but hopefully this will make for a better comic. Again, we’ll see how this works out.

Last on the list but very, very important plus time sensitive. There is an auction going on featuring top notch original comic art. Back in April I featured Chris Sparks on the blog and he helped compile the book “Team Cul de Sac”. I messaged Chris again and thought it would be good to go ahead and mention this again. Richard Thompson creator of one of the greatest comic strips “cul de sac” was diagnosed with Parkinson’s disease and cartoonists rallied around him and created original art honoring him and his comic. All of the art was put into “Team Cul de Sac” book, which you can buy, and now you can buy the original art. All proceeds go to Parkinson’s research. Michael J Fox had this to say: “Richard Thompson is lucky to have a friend like Chris Sparks. With this amazing collection, Chris is raising significant dollars and awareness for Parkinson’s —while proving comedy can help speed a cure. We’re grateful to have both Chris and Richard on our team.” – Michael J. Fox. The auction ends June 10th at 10 pm cst and here are the links to find out more:


Richard Thompson blog:

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