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Jim Kerr: lead vocalist of Simple Minds and LostBoy! A.K.A. JimKerr. With a career spanning over thirty years in the music industry, what can be said of a prolific Artist who inspires millions of fans world-wide? One word comes to mind: PASSION! I personally am a follower of Simple Minds music, and the sheer passion that goes into their music is deserving of respect and admiration. I was more than fortunate to conduct a live interview with Jim via Facebook. I had the idea to do the interview live where Jim could answer my questions and have his fans join in the interview after his responses. Little did I know he was going to put ME on the spot and do it immediately! My adrenaline kicked in and I knew it was time to sink or swim! I am proud to share the interview with you, as he is a long time music hero of mine.

Interview was conducted September 8, 2010.

David: What do you feel is the Simple Minds greatest achievement?

Jim: The music itself is the greatest achievement. The concerts are next. The combination of  both when it results in having made people very happy, thrilled, inspired, or whatever other positive outcome gives us the biggest satisfaction. Especially at the end of a show and when you look out to so many contented faces. The satisfaction that comes with knowing you have given everything is humongous. As is the fortune that has come our way in allowing us this opportunity and the life that has gone with it!

David: You and Simple Minds are working on new music; can you give us an idea of what is happening in the studio?

Jim: 4 new songs are being recorded over these weeks! It’s an exciting time and a smart move to record at the end of a tour when the band is very tight and confident. It’s as though the musicians are playing without thinking, in the flow with it all. Makes it seem easy, it’s anything but. The songs themselves are all distinctive, classic Minds but also very now!

David: What keeps simple minds fresh with creativity?

Jim: We get easily bored I guess, especially with ourselves. 🙂 Making forward moves comes so naturally to us, who wants to stand still after all? Some fans would rather have us turning back, working with ex members and all that. I understand how exciting that would be for them. It would be anything but for me and Charlie who never want to live in the past – because you can’t after all! The past is the past! Some say yeah “But I was not born and I would love to see you do more old things etc!” I would love to see the Roman Empire too, but I was not born. 🙂

David: You have die-hard fans across the globe, I am one of those, what do you think makes your fans so passionate about your music?

Jim: I can’t answer that, they can! I am a fan of the music also and remember I live with it for months and years before I write lyrics and sing on it. Could only do it if I was enthralled by it. All down to the musicians and composers of course. This morning I was out and about when an idea we had from 8 years ago popped into my head. I came back to the hotel and looked it up on the lap top, it sounded fresh and vibrant, enough to have me working on it right at this moment!

David: With so much music being put out there, what do you think of today’s music? What is some of your favorites?

Jim: Plenty of good stuff, some great stuff, the gap between good and great is overwhelming. A lot of stuff sounds great, then you realize it’s not great itself, it just reminds you very much of something that truly was great. Then again what is good and great is a matter of taste and opinion! Charmed by The xx this morning – as a result of their Mercury Prize Award last night!

David: Thanks Jim for answering my questions! You are a true Legend!

Jim: I am not…I am a working Artist! Hard at it!

With that the interview concludes and I am overwhelmed with admiration of a true Artist! Visit www.simpleminds.com  www.lostboyaka.com  

copyright David Hurley 2010

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