Frank Jordan and Company Man

Frank Jordan is the humorous creator of the comic strip “Company Man”. The Company Man story revolves around the lives of the employees of F.R.J. Media Group and the celebrities they represent, which is highly entertaining and a fun comic. I asked Frank if I could feature him and find out about his life as a Cartoonist, and he said, “Yes”. So with great pleasure here is Frank Jordan and Company Man.

David: Hey Frank! It’s a pleasure to be featuring you here at “Don’t Pick the Flowers” blog. When did you first become interested in comics and decide that was the direction you wanted to take with your life? 

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Frank: David, it’s an honor to be featured! I was 10 when I first became interested in comics. My Mom always gave me the comics from the paper and one day I told her that I can do that. She gave me a pencil and some paper and said “Show me!” I had drawn my first comic strip characters named Doggie & Dodgie… I was VERY original back then LOL! From then on I couldn’t stop doodling and just wanted to do it as long as I could.

David: Tell me about your comic, where did the whole idea for “Company Man” come from? 

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Frank: Company Man follows the lives of the employees of the F.R.J. Media Group. They represent celebrities, politicians and assorted public figures. If you’re a celeb and you’ve done something stupid, you want us to handle your P.R. The comic is based inPhoenix,AZ.The idea came from a loooong bus ride to work one morning. I haven’t drawn anything in 5 years and my girlfriend at the time game me a sketchbook and wrote in it “I believe in you, get drawing!” As I was looking at what she wrote, the bus came to a stop and I had looked up to see 4 guys in shirts and ties playing Hackey-Sack on their lunch break. I wondered what their story was so I started drawing characters and made up my own back stories.

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David: Who would you consider some of your comic hero’s and inspirations? 

Frank: My heroes and inspirations are Berkeley Breathed, Bill Watterson, Stephan Pastis, Gary Larson and Garry Trudeau.

David: How do you go about coming up with your comics? The writing process and the actual drawing and tools you use. 

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Frank: Coming up with ideas for the comics is easy, it’s making them funny and relevant is the hard part. I watch the news and get ideas from my friends and family. If it’s funny to me, it’s going into the strip. I usually write out a script or jot down an idea and work off that. I use a Pitt Brush Pen to draw the characters I’m going to use then scan it into my PC and use the Paint program and a Wacom Bamboo tablet to edit, add dialogue and color the strip.

David: What is your ultimate goal as a cartoonist?

Frank: My goal is to be nationally and internationally recognized and become a member of the NCA. I also want to be invited to the San Diego Comic-Con to speak on a panel.

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David: Congratulations on having a great comic. You are well on your way towards your goals and dreams. Good luck with all that lies ahead, I expect to see great things ahead for you. It’s such a pleasure to feature you here and call you friend.

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