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Kepi Ghoulie is a fantastic performer! I have seen him play live twice and he always stays in touch with his audience. Some of you may remember him from the Groovie Ghoulies, but as a solo performer, he brings the house down! This guy is awesome and when you hear his music you wanna shake, shake, shake!  Now onward to a privileged interview with Kepi!

David: Kepi, can you tell me what got you interested in making music?

 Kepi: Being a music fan from the beginning is what got me interested in making music…just loving all these bands and musicians and then there was this neighbor guy who gave lessons…so I went!

David: Since you are a fan of music yourself, can you tell me what some of your favorite bands are and what was the last album you bought?


Kepi: Wow! I have so many favorite bands! lately I have been listening to and loving Kevin Seconds, Andrew Jackson Jihad, the Copyrights, the Thermals, and then old-school wise there has been a lot of Joe Strummer, Neil Young and Nick Cave of late! and Mountain Goats….and Neko Case…and…recent records I have bought: some deep catalog Neil Young for Sean (AJJ), some Tom Petty for birthday presents (you can’t lose with Tom Petty), a new copy of Joe Strummer Streetcore (I gave mine away), a re-issue of the first Sigue Sigue Sputnik!!!

David: Cool! thanks Kepi…I’m gonna get a little more interesting with the next question: ” If there was a motion picture made about your life, who would you have play you as the main character!”

Kepi: Well for the movie, i would pick George Clooney! 🙂
I asked my facebook friends, and my favorite responses were Pee Wee Herman and Steve Buscemi!

David: Those were my favorite responses too! I do know that you do artwork also, can you tell me what inspires you to create?

Kepi: I don’t usually do all my artwork for the records/CDs…in fact I have only done 3 or 4 of my own record covers ever! I have many talented artist friends who I love! They interpret my crazy ideas and doodles…But I do acrylic art, usually monsters and things, that I put in art shows and galleries and they do O.K.!

David: Illegal downloading has caused the music industry to suffer and shows no sign of stopping, since there is less money to be made, has the music finally become more important than the money? In other words, do you feel there is an upside to this situation?”

Kepi: there’s no upside to people not buying your music….

David: I totally agree! And one last question “what’s you favorite comic strip/ cartoon?

Kepi: I really like the Simpsons a LOT! and old Disney movies, and Batman animated…!

David: I am such a fan of the Simpsons! It’s unbelievable the longevity and impact the Simpsons have had!

Thank you so much Kepi for taking the time to answers questions! I have seen you play live and you have  great interaction with your audience!

Check out Kepi Ghoulie on Myspace and Facebook. He stays in touch with his fans like no other performer I know!

photo by Josh Cusuccio courtesy of Kepi Ghoulie

 copyright David Hurley 2010


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