Chris Brett: Humor with a twist

Two of my favorite things are graffiti and cartoons.  Chris Brett takes these styles with a bit of humor and blends them into some crazy and cool art. Chris hails from the Greater Toronto Area, Canada, where he creates this world of art, his work focus on themes of Love, Lust, Nature, Manic joy and Heartbreak.

David: Hey Chris it’s so great to feature you on the blog. Your work has a juxtaposition of styles from cartoonish to graffiti. Where do you draw your inspiration and ideas from?


Chris: I grew up on cartoons and graffiti, so my style does reflect a lot of
those elements. It’s also where I draw a lot of ideas and inspirations
from when I sit down and doodle. It’s a very unconscious process when
I doodle, so when I go back later I tend to piece certain thoughts
together to form a certain idea or theme. It’s a very unordered journal
process in a lot of ways. It’s generally inspired by whatever might be
happening in my life, the kind of music imp listening to, the seasons
changing or new relationships.

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David: You call your art “slightly goofy with a jaded sense of humor”.  Is there any conscience message you are trying to portray or do you feel it’s just fun art with a twist?

Chris: There is always a message in my paintings, although it’s not
necessarily a conscious decision. Most of my pieces begin with doodles
on napkins or yellow line paper. It’s a warm up for my hand and brain
to get into a free association style of writing or drawing, and
usually I can pick out some ideas that I would like to explore. That
being said, it HAS to be “fun art with a twist” regardless of any
intended messages.

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David:  You have been nominated for “Urban Culture Conference: Best of
Vancouver Award” in Fine Arts. With that in mind, what are your goals for the future and where do you see your art going?

Chris: Short term I would like to be able to paint full-time, pay all my
bills and do some traveling. Long term, I would like to see my art
going in a variety of different directions. Illustration, Fine Art,
Toys, etc… I am really open to anything I think would be a fun,
creative project.

David: Looking at the various things you’ve worked on (painting records, custom painted Chukka High Top sneakers, toys) can you see “the sky is the limit” with your art or mostly mixed media on wood/masonite? How about your own characters as toys?

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Chris: I am very comfortable with my mixed media on wood pieces, but im
always looking to explore new realms. I would love to create a toy
series! I’ve recently been playing with clay and looking at different
casting techniques so I may unleash a small army of lil critters. The
sky is the limit in most instances I think, so long as its fun, I’m up
for the challenge.

David: On a more personal note, what are some of your favorite pass times to keep yourself entertained when you have spare time? If I’m not mistaken you have a love for Pitbulls?

Chris: I’m a pretty regular guy doing regular guy stuff. Hockey, space
documentaries, gallery openings, N64 and B***S***ing with friends and
family is always time well spent. I have a love of all dogs. I’ve been working with dogs for a number of years, and of all the awesome breeds out there, Pitbull type dogs are my favorite! I myself own a 10 month old Staffordshire Bull Terrier puppy named Ruby, so she is definitely my favorite pass times. I live in downtown Vancouver, so most my spare time is spent with her on the Sea wall, Stanley Park or the little parks in my neighborhood. She’s an amazing partner in crime.

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David: Who would you consider to be the greatest artist or influences on you?

Chris: Dr. Seuss

David: Good choice. And thank you for being featured and showing your work to us here at Don’t Pick the Flowers.

For more info on Chris and his art check out the links below and keep connected with Chris Brett and his art.



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